Transferring from one university to another has been a trend in our educational system in Nigeria today. The importance of this option in the university system cannot be understated due to the many advantages and avenues which it creates for students. As important as inter-university transfers are today, there are only a few private universities in Nigeria that accepts transfer students. Among this select few is the Southwestern University.

Having identified the important need of many students to transfer from their current university to their institution, the Southwestern University offer students of other universities to transfer to their school. Reasons for this transfer may be linked to many factors which usually depend on each student who wish to. It many be due to financial reasons, geographical reasons, health reasons, and most importantly, academic reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, the Southwestern University accepts transfer students into its institution.

Why Southwestern University , Nigeria

The Southwestern University is one of the most widely know private universities in Nigeria. They are popular for the quality of education afforded to their students who come from all over Nigeria and beyond to have an educational career which is second to none. The university also create an ideal learning environment which makes it possible for its students to easily earn the academic level of achievement of their dreams. In a unique manner, the university also put students through unique mentoring opportunities which help students with a better transition from the classroom into their careers. It is an institution which has the best interests of students in mind, and it is no wonder, many students are willing to transfer to the Southwestern University from their current universities.

Southwestern University permits the admission of applicants transferring from other institutions, subject to the following conditions:

  • Transfer is from a recognized institution of higher education
  • You meet Nile University admission requirements

Inter-university Transfer Eligibility

In order to be eligible as a candidate for transfer into the Southwestern University or any other university which accepts transfer students in Nigeria, students must be undergoing an undergraduate degree program in an accredited university in Nigeria.

Southwestern University , Nigeria Transfer Guidelines

  • Application Fee – Students can proceed to the admission office at the Southwestern University to enquire about the application fee for a transfer to the institution.
  • Submit Transfer Application. The applicant must submit his/her application online through the university’s e-portal indicating (transfer student) as option. Please note: The online application is not available for transfer admission but for data entry. The applicant will be required to fill the transfer application form received from the admissions office as well and submit the subsequent documents to the Admissions Office of the university.
  • Transcripts – (Original Official transcripts from applicant’s current university are required to be submitted within a maximum period of 3 months from date of application. (Note: failure to submit required documents within the specified time will result in forfeiture of admission. There will be no refund of fees paid for that particular semester).
  • Disciplinary Clearance – A disciplinary clearance letter from applicant’s current Head of department and Dean of student is required for evaluation of the applicant.
  • Photocopies/scanned copies of transcript will be accepted but only conditional admission letter will be issued. Full admission letters will be issued after original copies have been received.
  • Course Description (Details of all course code(s), course description must be attached to the student’s transcript for clarification. In situation where it’s not provided, the department can still asses the relevant courses that they know, and ask for extra information if required.
  • Two (2) academic recommendations of which at least, one must be from a University Lecturer.
  • Transfer Duration – Students can transfer in both semesters until the last day of registration. For transfer Students, decision on approval for the award of admission to Southwestern University will be authorized by the corresponding department’s board recommendation, Faculty dean’s endorsement, and finally VC’s approval.

Southwestern University , Nigeria Transfer Requirements

  • Transfer from International Universities, Private Universities, Federal and State Universities in Nigeria to Southwestern University is allowed.
  • The minimum GPA for inter-university transfer at the Southwestern University is 00 in schools using 4.00 Grade Scale and 1.50 in schools using 5.00 Grade Scale.
  • Inter-University transfer may involve change of course of study (program) if desired by applicants, provided they meet requirements of intended programs. .
  • Candidates expelled from other universities are not acceptable for transfer.
  • Candidates must satisfy the University minimum entry requirements for admission.
  • Applicants must pay the application fee for evaluation processing.
  • Any candidate that provides false information will be expelled from the university.
  • Transferred courses and grades will be used to calculate the GPA, however courses that are not relevant to the new program`s curriculum will be discarded from the students` transcript and will not be used in the calculation. Admission office will always keep the original transcript in students` files.