Physics with Electronics

Applied Physics

Studying physics offers a wide range of career prospects, studying physics with electronics provides an even broader range. Physics gives you such a broad education that, after you earn your BSc, you may easily delve into any career of your choice and still not find it difficult to understand complex concepts. Studying Physics with Electronics at South-western University teaches you to easily provide intelligent answers to complex problems. It also equips you with IT, mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills.

The passionate and well-qualified lecturers at our University have gathered a lot of experience in teaching Physics and Electronics courses and work closely with the students to find the most effective teaching methods. The small-sized classes provide an excellent chance for students to have some personal interaction with their tutors.

A degree in Physics and Electronics would equip students with the ability to improve on existing technology in so many fields of life, creating ways to utilize energy more effectively and developing new technology.

Students who graduate from this Department have the opportunity to work in healthcare, to find new techniques and technology for medical procedure. They can also work in finance, to find technologies that can predict global markets; they can work in the transport industry, to design more efficient means of transportation.