Due to the existing system of dichotomy in Nigeria over superiority of a BSc degree over a HND degree has led many graduates of Polytechnics to seek ways which their qualifications as a HND holder can be converted into a BSc degree. Despite the efforts of the government to bridge the gap between BSc and HND, most entities across Nigeria have not keyed into this policy. This is obvious through the preference of employers to choose BSc over its counterpart in HND.

In light of this situation, institutions across Nigeria have set up programs to allow candidates in this situation convert their HND certificate into a BSc degree. One of these institutions is Federal University Oye, Ekiti (FUOYE) with numerous programs that cut across many disciplines and fields. Through this article, we will provide an overview of everything concerning FUOYE HND Conversion programs, from tuition fees to courses and many more.

Objectives of FUOYE HND Conversion programs

According to the institution, the objectives of creating the FUOYE HND Conversion program is to:

  • Create appropriate academic programmes that would facilitate conversion from HND to BSc.
  • Provide contents and Instructions that would upgrade the quality of university degrees from Third Class end/or Pass.
  • Facilitate university education that will lead to change of degree/career, where necessary.
  • Create an academic level ground for degree dichotomy between BSc and HND.

Eligibility for FUOYE HND Conversion programs

For a start, it is important to identify the candidates who are eligible for the FUOYE HND Conversion programs. This will help potential candidates to understand and guide them in making the right choices. To be eligible for the FUOYE HND Conversion, you need to be:

  • A University graduate with Pass or Third Class degree
  • A HND graduate desirable intending to convert your certificate into a BSc
  • A University Graduate intending to switch Career to another discipline. For example, a graduate of Microbiology intending to switch to Business Management.

Admission Requirements for FUOYE HND Conversion programs

After candidates confirm their eligibility for the program, it is important to note the requirements that has to be satisfied before candidates can gain admission into the FUOYE HND Conversion programs. The following are the requirements for admission into the program:

  • A minimum of five O’Level subjects not less than a credit grade In relevant subjects at a maximum number of two  sittings in the subjects relevant to their proposed programs.
  • A minimum of a credit grade in English language is compulsory for all candidates for the program.
  • A minimum of a credit grade in Mathematics for candidates seeking admission into Programs in the Faculties of Engineering, Sciences and social Sciences.
  • Minimum of Third Class Honors or Pass degree or HND certificate from a recognized institution.
  • Completion or exemption from the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme.

How to Apply for the FUOYE HND Conversion program

Application for the FUOYE HND Conversion program is relatively fast and stress free, as long as you satisfy the program requirements and eligibility listed above. If you satisfy these requirements, then you can proceed by:

  • Visiting either the Federal Polytechnic Ado or the Polytechnic of Ibadan and paying a non-refundable fee of Fifteen thousand Naira in order to obtain the hard copy application forms.
  • Filling out and completing the application forms. Afterwards, tender these forms alongside other relevant documents such as O’level certificate, HND or BSc certificate, NYSC completion or exemption certificate in both original and photocopies to the Top-up and Conversion Unit, the office of the Vice-Chancellor of FUOYE.

Candidates are then advised to stick to these applications guidelines above, as these are currently the only means of applying for the FUOYE HND Conversion programs. Candidates should also note that there is no platform available online to register for the conversion program, and so are advised to beware of falling victims to fraudulent acts. In situations where candidates need further information concerning the program, these are the official numbers provided by the institution to contact:

  • Adekunle FUOYE, 09058309801
  • Isife Fed Poly Ado, 08035682468
  • Lawal the Polytechnic Ibadan 08057322967
  • Mrs Ajibaye Fuoye +2347035677898

Tuition Fees, Duration and Schedule for the FUOYE HND Conversion programs

According to FUOYE, the tuition fee for the conversion program for each academic year is N141,000. To ease the financial strain this might put on candidates, the tuition fee can be paid in installments.

The FUOYE HND Conversion programs has a range of time to completion between 1-2 years, spread across 3-6 semesters, depending on the discipline. Each semester for this has a total duration of 15 weeks, with lectures scheduled only on weekends in order to accommodate part-time workers as well as students.

Programs Available in the FUOYE HND Conversion

The following are programs which candidates can apply for in the FUOYE HND Conversion. Candidates are advised to strictly note these list of programs before applying to prevent any waste of time, energy and resources.


  • Eng. Agriculture and Bio-resources Engineering
  • Eng. Computer Engineering
  • Eng. Civil Engineering
  • Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
  • Eng. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering


  • Sc. Demography and Social Statistics
  • Sc. Economics and Development Studies
  • Sc. Mass Communication
  • Sc. Psychology
  • Sc. Sociology
  • Sc. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Sc. Political Science
  • Sc. Criminology and Security Studied


  • Sc. (Computer Science)
  • Sc. (Mathematics)
  • Sc. (Physics)
  • Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)
  • Sc. Geophysics
  • Sc. Geology
  • Sc. Microbiology
  • Sc. Animal and Environmental Biology
  • Sc. Biochemistry
  • Sc. Plant Science and Bio-technology


  • Agric. Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • Agric. Animal Production and Health
  • Agric. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Agric. Soil science
  • Agric. Crop Science and Horticulture
  • Agric. Food science and Technology
  • Agric. Water resources Management and Agro-meteorology
  • Agric. Hospitality and Tourism Management



Enrolling for the FUOYE HND Conversion program has never been made easier as a result of this simple laid out guide to help potential candidates through everything that it entails. Going through this detailed guide ensures that candidates are not misled and misinformed concerning this program. Whatever issues encountered by prospective candidates for this program can easily be resolved by reaching the contacts provided within the article for further enquiries or rectification of problems.