Polytechnics are tertiary institutions which any potential candidate can choose to attend, provided their choice of course is offered by such institutions. Polytechnics in Nigeria are only second to universities when considering the quality of education offered. There is also a raging argument, however, about the belief of many that the quality of education afforded by Polytechnics in Nigeria is more than that of the university. Whatever argument you support, it is clear that Polytechnic education in Nigeria cannot be undermined, as these institutions provide many technicians, artisans, and other technically competent professionals who are very much important to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

To further buttress this point, it is easy to notice how many employees and HR managers of business corporations have turned their attention to HND holders who are graduates of any Polytechnic in Nigeria. This outlines the increasing quality of education available in these institutions.


Given that the new academic session for Polytechnics is just around the corner, candidates who are interested in attending a Polytechnic in Nigeria might need information about the cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria. There are many surprisingly cheap polytechnics in Nigeria. Students should however understand that the fact that the entries on this list of cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria are so affordable does not compromise the quality of education afforded by the respective institutions here. These polytechnics are cheap due to reasons that are relative to each Polytechnic.

Students who are interested in the cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria should read on to find out just which Polytechnic makes the cut among the most affordable Polytechnics in Nigeria today.

Private Polytechnics are increasingly becoming more popular than it was a decade ago. These institutions have done their best to put themselves on the map of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, thanks to improved quality of education and experience offered by these institutions. Anyone who has closely followed the growth of these private Polytechnics can understand the exponential growth which has been enjoyed by them in the last couple of years. This is evident in the increasing population, participation, and engagements in these institutions.

The prospects of attending a private tertiary institution in Polytechnics can prove to be very expensive. Thus might lead candidates about to register for the JAMB examination to seek out their cheapest options when it comes to Private Polytechnics in Nigeria. The list of cheapest private Polytechnics provided through this list will help these candidates easily identify the best option of school for them. Candidates should note that all the institutions provided through this list are accredited and recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This means you can choose any of the polytechnics provided on this list, provided they offer your chosen course of study.

Lagos City Polytechnic , Ikeja , Lagos Nigeria

Lagos City Polytechnic is the First Private Polytechnic In Nigeria. Accredited by the National Board for Technical Education. In affiliation with Southwestern University, Nigeria. Our Polytechnic runs the following programmes at the National and Higher National Diploma levels on Full-time and Part-time. Courses are Accountancy, Business Administration, Office technology and management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical /Electronics Engineering.

Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti

Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, also known as EkitiPoly is apparently the cheapest polytechnic in Nigeria. That is quite a surprising detail due to the prestige and fame which this institution commands as one of the top polytechnics available in Nigeria today. To better understand how cheap this institution is, New Students are only required to pay a tuition fee of just N22,000 while returning students (old students) of the school are require to pay an all time low tuition of N11,000. That is a super interesting fact and development that not only makes tertiary education affordable for most Nigerians due to the disastrous economic condition we find ourselves today.

Attending EkitiPoly for Polytechnic education would almost be a steal, as well as a good bargain as students will get more than enough quality of education for funds invested. Without a doubt, EkitiPoly is quite the polytechnic to attend in Nigeria. As cheap as education here comes, the quality of education afforded to students is not affected.

Federal Polytechnic offers National Diploma and Higher National Diploma, certificate and professional programme in: architectural technology, urban and regional planning, surveying and geoinformatics, quantity surveying, civil engineering technology, mineral resources and engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, electrical electronics engineering, computer science, science laboratory technology, glass/ceramics technology, food technology, statistics, banking and finance, business administration and management, estate management, and office technology and management. As attractive as this Polytechnic can be, we assume gaining an admission here would be war, if you know what I mean.

Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi

Auchi Polytechnic is next up on this list of cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria. This Polytechnic located within the suburbs of Edo state bills new students as little as N28,000 while returning students pay as low as N14,000 for tuition. The reduced cost of education in this institution can be attributed to the fact that it is one of the first few polytechnics to be established in Nigeria. Over the years of the operation of the institution, it has strive hard to put itself on the map of Polytechnics to be reckoned with in Nigeria.

Students who intend to attend this Polytechnic can expect to find programs such as Accounting, Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering / Technology, Agricultural Engineering / Technology, Agricultural Technology, Architectural Technology, Art and Design, Banking and Finance, Building Technology, Business Administration, Business Administration and Management, Business Education, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Education and Biology, Education and Chemistry, Education and Computer Science, Education and Physics, Electrical / Electronic Engineering, Estate Management, and so on. Do well to get the full list of programs offered by the school on their official website.

Kaduna State Polytechnic

It is doesn’t really come as a surprise that a Polytechnic from the norther region of this country is involved in this list of cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria. This is particularly due to the reduced interest in education in most part of the region. As a result, the tuition for Polytechnics and every other educational institution are subsidized in order to encourage participation and attendance by the people in the region. The tuition required in this institution stands at N24,000 for both new and returning students.

The quality of education provided here is however undiluted, as it is one of the oldest and most respected Polytechnics in Nigeria. Some of the programs available here includes: Public Administration, Quantity Surveying, Science Laboratory Technology, Special Needs Education, Statistics, Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Technical Education, Textile Technology, Urban and Regional Planning, Social Development, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Mineral And Petroleum Resources Engineering Technology, Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology and so on.

Enugu State Polytechnic

Enugu state Polytechnic is one of the recently established polytechnics in Nigeria, as it began operating as a tertiary institution in 2009. Despite its recent launch, it has already turned heads through the relatively low cost of education afforded to students in the school. This contributed to the huge population of students in the school, having over 12,000 students registered with them.

Formerly known as the Enugu State College of Agriculture and Agro-Entrepreneurship, the school places huge focus on agriculture related programs like Agric Management, Agric Technology, Animal Health and Production, Animal Commercial Production, Horticultural Technology, and Forestry. Other programs available in the institution include Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Computer Science, Statistics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering

Federal Polytechnic, Offa

The FedPoly Offa has maintained a high standard of education ever since its inception. It is one of the characteristics that helped the institution gain the tag as one of the best Polytechnics in Nigeria. In a bid to provide easy access to education for its citizens, and people from across Nigeria, the cost of education here is subsidized. This is why students enrolling for the school in the upcoming academic session will be required to pay only N28,000 while returning students will pay just N24,500.

The school is ideally located where it can easily be accessed by people from the North or the western part of the country. Though this school is known for its tough admission process, gaining admission into the school will prove to be worth it in the end.

Nasarawa State Polytechnic

Another representative from the northern region of Nigeria on this list of cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria is Nasarawa state Polytechnic. Similar to Kaduna state Polytechnic, the cost of education is subsidized in this institution in order to encourage participation and education among the people of Nasarawa. Students who intend to study in this school are expected to pay a reduced fee of N29,000 for tuition.

Nasarawa state university is widely known as a hub where students learn vocational and technical skills which allow students easily become entrepreneurs, should white collar jobs be unavailable. This prepares and allow students to better transition from school into the labor market.

Federal Polytechnic, Nekede

The Federal Polytechnic, Nekede is one of the most popular Polytechnics on Nigeria. As a matter of fact, a list of popular polytechnics in wouldn’t be complete without making a reference to this institution. This is due to the Polytechnic’s popularity for producing top crop graduates who are well baked in their respective fields. These graduates are usually technicians who come up with tangible inventions that make a difference, especially in the Imo community where the school is situated.

To allow more engagements with the school by citizens of the state, it has a pretty reduced fee of N32,000 as tuition. The institution possess many top class facilities that make vocational and technical learning easier for its students. It is simply the ideal place to get more practical.

Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

School Fees(New Students & Returning Students) – 32,550 Naira

The federal Polytechnic of Ilaro was established in 1979 in order to improve the technical knowledge and capabilities of the Nigerian population. And that is exactly what they have been able to accomplish, producing graduates who go on to become a force to reckon with in the respective industries they find themselves.

With a tuition of N32,500, students who have passed through the school will acknowledge that this amount is a fair fee for the quality of education afforded to students at the institution. This institution is also known for its strict measures in handling students who go out of line. To this institution, its not just about learning, but also about building sound character.

Lagos State Polytechnic

Arguably the most popular Polytechnics in Nigeria, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) is an institution to be reckoned with, not just among polytechnics but also among other tertiary institutions across the country. The popularity of this school can not only be tied to its location which is the center of commerce in the country, but also due to its production of talented and proven technicians over the years. These technicians have been able to make inventions like drones, which was once employed for use by the Lagos State government for surveillance.

This groundbreaking invention is enough to say everything about the top learning experience which students stand to gain at this school. The tuition fee of N38,000 only proves to be a huge bargain for students who gain admission to study in this institution.

Kwara State Polytechnic

The Kwara state Polytechnic is quite popular for its segregation in the treatment of Indigenes of the state and Non-Indigenes. Most of the time, it is believed that admission is quite easier for Indigenes of the state compared to students coming from other states across the country.

The allegations of segregation is however confirmed in the difference in the tuition, as Indigenes are required to pay lesser than their colleagues. In exact numbers, Indigenes are required to pay N28,000 as tuition while Non-Indigenes pay a whopping N44,000. That is quite a gulf of difference there. This has however, not deterred the institution from being listed among cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria.