The careers department at our university aims to help students lessen the burden of financing their Southwestern University Nigeria school fees. They are also set up to help our graduates get acquainted with what life after school is all about.

The inception of this laudable program has come at a time when the general economic situation in the country dictates that students must look for ways of augmenting their finances.

With increases in the cost of living, and resultant increases in the cost of tertiary education, coupled with limited number and value of scholarships and bursaries, and difficulties in obtaining educational loans, it is becoming impossible for many students to have access to higher education without tears.

The objectives of the careers department include;

To ameliorate the financial burden of students by offering part-time employment.

To help students comprehend the dignity of labour and the significance of paid employment.

To expose students to the complications of work-life

To get students ready for decent employment after graduation