Campus Services

The university campus offers a series of paid services to students to provide an environment that encourages learning. This way, students can enjoy numerous forms of assistance that aid the education process. Here are some available services on campus

  1. Wireless access points

To give students an optimal education, there are available wireless hotspots services situated at some strategic spots in the institution. You’ll find these wireless access points in the laboratory, library and even some classrooms. Students can connect to the internet with their laptops, desktops and handheld devices fitted with wireless cards. With this, a student can enjoy both the internet and intranet services.

  1. Internet Service

For a learning environment that seeks to bring out the best in her students, our university would provide access to the library via fibre optic cables. This way, tutors and scholars can get to enjoy functional Internet Service at any time and day. The University library website provides priceless information concerning every topic of learning.

iii. Photocopying services

As expected, students will need to have duplicates of their course materials and programs for submissions and reference sake. Hence, our university has photocopiers placed at strategic places where students can get access to them. A simple peek at the university map should give you the necessary details you need to locate them.

  1. Fast food restaurants

Who wouldn’t love fast food after a stressful day in class, laboratory or on the field? We understand that not everyone will have the time to prepare their meals after going through rigorous exercises at school, and as such, the university’s management has provided restaurants where students could drop by for a quick meal. These restaurants could serve as good places for some fun and socializing.