The mission of the university is to produce highly competent and resourceful quality graduates with high moral standard.  The university shall provide opportunity to all students through effective programmes and service delivery based on provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified competent staff.

Southwestern University will excel as an internationally recognized intellectually vibrant institution, which is accessible, community-centered, technologically advance and responsive to the educational needs of a richly diverse population and workforce.

The institution, founded on the belief that all people are enriched by understanding, is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth; sharing of this knowledge through education for a diverse community; and application of knowledge to benefit the people of the state, the nation and the world.

The pursuit of this vision shall be in three ways:


To generate and preserve knowledge, understanding and creativity by conducting high quality research and award of scholarships, in communities across the state, the nation and the world.


To share knowledge, understanding and creativity by providing a broad range of educational programmes in a strong and diverse community of learners and teachers and prepare graduates and undergraduates as well as non degree seeking students continuing education and professional in life long learning, for active role in a multiracial and multicultural world.


For many students, the semester of study is a time to explore their interests and abilities.  With careful planning students can explore their interest and denounce all antisocial vices such as cultism, hooliganism and thuggery.  This is the time to control youthful exuberance and transform it for positive academic success.