Southwestern University Nigeria is private Univeristy established as a regional block Institution, designed to provide the missing link between Research and Development (R&D) and the Indiustries.

The philosophy of the university is total commitment to the training and development of men and women in an enabling environment, through appropriate teaching, research and service to humanity.

The university shall provide a strong and dynamic curriculum to help its students develop into knowledgeable and productive citizens.  The instructional staff shall be rich in experience and background, under a favourable faculty-student ratio to permit an intimate working relationship between the students and their professors/lecturers/institutions.


The Southwestern University Nigeria, located at KM 20, Sagamu-Benin Expressway, Okun-Owa, was established in February, 2012 as an attempt to tap the potentials of the private sector in the area of tertiary education in Nigeria. The Education (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions) Decree (Act) of 1985 as amended in 1993 lend credence to the establishment of the University. This Decree enabled the Federal Government of Nigeria to license Southwestern University, Nigeria in 2012 as stated above.

In particular, the University was established to address such issues relating to high level empowerment, pursuit of excellence and the attainment of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and to close gap between attainable potentials of the teeming Nigerian youths and others who want to get higher education to achieve their aspiration for quality tertiary education.

In his words, the Chancellor/Founder, Engineer Babatunde A. Odufuwa said that the University was established to develop “the physical and mental capacity of the students as a regional block institution designed to provide the missing link between Research and Development as well as Industries.”

Having been in existence for barely ten (10) years, the institution has successfully trained and graduated 563 students. The graduates of the University have found in private, public and quasi sectors of the Nigeria economy with some pursuing higher degree courses or programs in Nigeria and abroad.

The University has been served by erudite University Administrators like: Professor Babatunde A. Ikotun (Vice Chancellor: 2012-2016) who was the pioneers Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Simeon A. Aina (Acting Vice-Chancellor: 2017-2018), Dr. Emmanuel O. Ojo (Pioneer Registrar/Secretary to Council: 2012-February 2019). Professor N.A Amusa (Vice-Chancellor November 2018 March 2020), Professor Olufemi L. Oludimu (Vice Chancellor: August 2020 – May 2021) while Mr. Gboyega A. Aderoju (Deputy Registrar) who joined the University early March 2019 was elevated as Acting Registrar/Secretary to Council till date. The current Vice Chancellor, Professor (Prince) Famous Izedonmi FCA, FNA took over the mantle of leadership of the institution on 10th May 2022 to date.

Southwestern University, Nigeria currently runs 12 National Universities Commission (NUC) fully accredited B.Sc programmes in her two Faculties namely: Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and Faculty of Social and Management Sciences with the respective programmes.
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The logo of the university consists of three circular structures.  The innermost circle with a blue background contains a torch, the motto of the university and a brief explanation of the logo.  The torch symbolizes the torch of truth given to each graduate for the search and advancement of knowledge.   The next circle bears the name of the university written in blue fonts.  The last circle which is bluish contains stars which stand for the graduates of the university showing the light all over the world and the flame like edges of the circular structure representing the flame of faith of each of the graduate for the deliverance of mankind via knowledge, development and emancipation from poverty.


The Southwestern University’s Motto is : IN GOD WE TRUST


The university colours are:


– Orange .

– Red (Oxblood).

The vision of the University is to be the Centre of Academic Excellence, mentoring and modeling the students. More importantly, to provide the missing link between Research and Development (R & D) as well as bridging the gap between the industries and the Nigerian University system through the Town – Gown marriage achievable in an Information Technology – driven environment.
As the current link between research and the productive sector is weak or non-existent in Nigeria, Southwestern University Nigeria will pioneer the bridging of that missing link.

The mission statement of the University is to provide highly competent, physically and mentally buoyant as well as entrepreneurially resourceful graduates imbued with high moral standard and producing. The University shall provide opportunity to all Students irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political inclination through effective programmes and service delivery based on the provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified and competent staff.

Southwestern University, Nigeria emphasizes the acquisition and use of knowledge to the benefits of the Students who will in turn impact the Society positively. The Institution shall provide equal opportunities for admission to all people, regardless of race or gender and equal access to excellent, convenient and affordable learning process. The University’s vision provides direction that promotes manpower development in the area of self-reliance and service to humanity.

The Institution founded on the belief that all people are enriched by understanding, is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth; sharing of this knowledge through education for a diverse Community; and application of knowledge to benefit the people of the State, the nation and the world at large.

Engr. Babatunde A. Odufuwa,

Prof. (Prince) Famous Izedonmi
B.Sc.; M.Sc.; MBA, Ph.D


The philosophy of Southwestern University, Nigeria is essentially the Total Man Concept (TMC) development that involves the commitment to the training and overall development of man and women in an enabling environment, through appropriate teaching, research and service to humanity.

The University shall provide a strong and dynamic curriculum to help her Students develop into knowledgeable and highly productive self-dependent citizens. The institutional staff shall be men and women of high academic and moral bent, and with a blend of theoretical and practical orientations. The University shall promote a favourable Faculty Student relationship and ratio to permit an effective working relationship between the students and their Professors/Lecturers/Institutions.

The University in its efforts to meet the set mission has the following objectives to:

  1. Turn out the highest quality of graduates that can provide the required skilled manpower in all facets of the economy both locally and internationally.
  2. Provide innovative educational programmes of high standard relevant to the needs of our society; by promoting research, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops etc, and the advancement of knowledge and execute its practical applicability to human problems in all its facets within the University and beyond through local and international collaboration.
  3. Provide adequate and functional modern learning facilities and supports for its Staff and Students to pursue innovative research, by responding to developments in the intellectual environment and society at large, and by forging close links with the wider Academic world, the professionals, Industries and Commerce.
  4.  Complement the Nation’s effort in providing an enabling environment for acquiring University Education by Nigeria people and other nationals without discrimination due to creed, colour, gender or political association.
  5. Undertake other legitimate activities appropriate for a University of high repute.

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